Boca Raton Water, Fire & Flood Damage Experts

Damage from Flooding

The single worst type of weather disaster is flooding. Estimates indicate that each year billions of dollars in damage result from flooding. Along with causing disaster in the natural environment, floods can also have significant effects on real estate and personal property. Long after the flood waters have finally receded, the damage from flooding can be long-lasting.

One of the most serious problems that can result from flooding water damage that causes structural problems. Water damage can also result in dangers that are not readily visible, including mold. Mold is not only a hazard to your property, but also to your health. Along with damaging property, mold can also result in serious health issues, including respiratory diseases and problems.

This is precisely why it is critical that you contact Boca Raton Restoration Pros. We offer a range of advantages over the competition, including:

  • Arrival within two hours of initial contact
  • Fully certified in the removal of mold
  • Ability to minimize damage to your property

Smoke and/or Fire Damage
Fires frequently leave behind a path of destruction and damage. In many cases, even the items that are left behind which can be salvaged are covered with smoke and soot. Regardless of the type of residue that remains on your belongings following a fire, our highly-trained professionals can provide careful treatment. We can treat the following:

  • Residue from Wet Smoke-This type of residue often has a strong odor and is sticky. Wet smoke residue results from smoldering fires that burn at a low heat.
  • Residue from Dry Smoke-This type of residue is often powdery and dry. Dry smoke residue is caused by fires that burn quickly at a high temperature.
  • Protein Residue-This type of residue most often leaves behind a strong odor but cannot actually be seen. It is this type of residue that most frequently causes discoloration to varnishes and paints.
  • Fuel Oil Soot-This type of residue is the result of soot emanating from a furnace.
  • Miscellaneous Types of Residue-There are also many other possible types of residue which can include fingerprint powder, tear gas and residue from a fire extinguisher. Each type needs professional treatment and cleaning.

Removal of Mold
Mold can certainly be a serious issue and can result in property damage and health issues, particularly for children and the elderly. Some possible symptoms of exposure to toxic mold include headaches, fatigue, flu-like symptoms and respiratory difficulties.

Trained professionals are able to detect mold as well as the relevant saturation levels in order to determine possible health risks. Lab tests can also be conducted as necessary.

It is absolutely essential to carefully isolate the source of the mold contamination and thus prevent mold spores from causing additional airborne contamination.